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Whatever. Let's move on to the links, because I am too lazy to make thumbnails, because no one cares anyway, right? You know, I hesitate to use the word "sketch" - do I even merit that?

Belldandy sketch - This was the first time I'd ever drawn her.

Hitokiri Tails - This was done with a potentially very cool pen that I don't know how to use.

Kenshin sketch - Random profile.

Kojirou - Random Kojirou sketch.

Random LC sketch - This will have to do you 3 Lemurcatia readers for now, until I get more strips done.

Page o' Ardam - I like Ardam. See my other fanart here. It's the 7th one, the one by Lemur-Cat.

Kenshin sketch - My physics notes are Kenshinful. I thought this one looked cute. Lined paper, argh.

V-day Bunnies - My Valentine's Day picture.