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David's Birthday Party, 2002

As photographed by Lemur-Cat (aka Gina)

'Tis David David. Considering it's his birthday it's appropriate that we have a picture of him.
Michael, and a wall-type thing 'Tis Michael. And a wall. And, like, Simone's shoulders and hair. What great composition this photo has.
How lazy I am that I did not crop it.
Cameras need to be photographed too Tyson with camera. Alex points out redundancy of photographing photographers.
David and Suz David and Suz both make a point of looking away from the camera. But hey, it's such a fascinating bed, of
course it draws their attention.
Sarah Sarah.
people Contains: Miranda, Lexa, Alex, and ... James, right?
Poorly lit war of the cameras David and Michael, or some sillhouette that could be Michael, with cameras. I think there were more
cameras than this, so we didn't get the maximum possible number of cameras in one picture ::sulk::
Many many people... People. Lotsa people.
Alex Alex.
um... pictureUh... opening tortilla chip bags...
More on the subject of foodMichael eating aforementioned food.
Eric being the life of the partyDavid's roommate Eric.
Ooooh!  Food! Here we observe the effect of food on college students. Note the circular formation that instantaneously, uh, forms.
The accusatorily pointing sillhouetteTyson: You! Who are you?
LC: ::whirrrr, click::
David hovers over presentsDavid is barely restrained from ambushing and unwrapping the defenseless presents. Also someone
shook up the Coke.
SarahSarah. The hundred-and-eighth picture taken with this camera.
Lotsa peopleLessee, there's Rob and Barbara and Simone and Hana and Michael and someone's arm and
someone's hair. I think they're watching David open presents.
David with giftsDavid with stuff that happens to be the stuff that I gave him...
David with bookDavid with Japanese folklore book that Miranda gave him.
MattMatt in horror.
David opens the big shiny oneDavid opens the big shiny expensive one.
Muahaha!  Mine, all mine!David and all his gifts.
Decorated MirandaMiranda adorned with bows from packages.
PeopleAnother picture with people.
MirandaAnother picture of Miranda.
More peopleMatt and Lexa and Alex.
People...People. More people. Happy people.
More peopleWe take this opportunity to watch TV. This would be more horrible if we had TV here at New College.
It's Superman.
Pizzaaaa!Pizza! And, like, Alex and people. Actually, everyone is doing hand gestures. Pizza must make
them enthusiastic.
Matt, Hana, Lexa, CokeMatt and Hana with Coke. Lexa with pizza.
The ever-charming MichaelMichael, uh, poses for photograph.
Matt and AlexMatt observes that Alex, by removing his glasses, transforms into an ultrapowerful evil galactic dictator
or something.
Tyson and DavidTyson and David. We can't tell what they transform into because they are wearing their glasses.
Interesting description goes hereSimone and Barbara.
Pool signShow them what they win, Lexa. A lovely pool sign! (Barbara attempts to escape being in the picture
and fails. Muahahaha! No one escapes the ... Camera That Needs a More Impressive Name!)
Kersplash.David gets thrown into the pool. I think Tyson also somehow ended up in the pool.
People.  In water.The aftermath.
David in poolDavid in pool.
Judy - please add interesting descriptionOops. We drowned them. Sit them up and maybe no one will notice.
Oooh, cakeDavid's mother arrives and everyone prepares for the ancient human ceremony of cake and candles and stuff.
EricEric suffers being photographed again.
More peopleMatt, Suz, Lexa, & Alex watching TV...
CardDavid, while drying off from the pool thing, receives card listing people who contributed to buying the VCR.
CandlesCandles get lit.
David & MirandaDavid and Miranda immediately prior to Miranda's blowing out of the candles on her cake.
Miranda blowing out candlesMiranda blowing out candles.
TysonTyson, another victim of the swimming pool.
More candlesLighting David's candles now.
Candle Saga part 1The Candle Saga, part 1. David prepares to blow out the seemingly defenseless candles.
Candle Saga part 2Part 2. The candles feign smoky death. Er, blown-outness.
Candle Saga part 3Part 3. The candles are miraculously resurrected!
Candle Saga part 4Part 4: the end... or is it? The stubborn candles are executed by drowning as an example to other candles.
Candle Saga - the epilogue ... or is it?The candles' death smoke lingers in the air... (causing worry over sprinkler alarm systems)
David + MirandaDavid and Miranda celebrate the resolution of the candle incident. ::ominousness:: As Michael and Tyson
look on in seeming agreement.
Shock!But oh no! The spirits of the dead candles have taken over Michael and Tyson and are trying to
asphyxiate David in return!
OnlookersThe crowd of onlookers are appropriately astonished.
JamesAnd now for something completely different!
ResolutionMichael and Tyson somehow overcome the force of the dead candle spirits. And the peasants rejoice.
Okay, there were no peasants, so we got Lexa to rejoice instead. But she was watching TV. Let's just say,
"there was rejoicing... probably... of some kind." And the candle saga really did finally end.
That will get some rejoicing.
TV + cake = goodActually, we had to wage war against the candles because you can't eat cake with flaming firey candles on it.
Alex.  Cake.Alex with cake.