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Qwill the Quadrilateral and the Time Machine

This was a project from Geometry class. Hmm, I think that was 9th grade. Maybe 10th. I don't remember. The idea was to write a children's book about geometry. This book explains the difference between squares and parallelograms, and at the end also tells what a hexagon is.

Unfortunately, because of computer crashes, servers deleting things without notice, and the fact that schools treat any work that requires actual effort and creativity like pencil shavings, only scattered pages of this book remain. This is unfortunate because I recall a very Beatlish bit of dialogue being written for John. Oh well.

Page 7
Qwill the Quadrilateral, Terry the Triangle, and Cecil the Circle, have just been transported to the sixties when they messed with a time machine they found. They meet a hippie dog.

Page 8
The hippie dog is not helpful.

Page 14
The shapes ask John Lennon for directions.

Page 17
John tells them Qwill is a parallelogram.

Page 18
John explains the difference between a square and a parallelogram.

Page 19
The shapes get a second opinion from Paul McCartney.

Page 20
Paul's explanation of the difference between a square and a parallelogram, part 1.

Page 21
Paul talks about congruent sides.

Page 22
Terry has difficulty with the congruent sides.

Page 23
Paul talks about angles.

Page 24
The shapes ask if Paul has seen the time machine.

Page 25
The shapes call George Harrison on the phone.

Page 26
George gives the shapes directions.

Page 27
The shapes meet Broxholm the dog.

Page 28
Broxholm gives the shapes directions.

Page 31
The shapes discuss time travel with a cat.

Page 32
The dog from A Hard Day's Night tells the shapes what a hexagon is.

Page 34
The shapes meet Ringo.

Page 35
Ringo refers the shapes to Don't the dalmatian.

Page 36
Don't says that parallelograms are cool.

Page 37
Don't leads the shapes to the time machine, after which they return to their own decade.