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Someday maybe there will be new pictures that are actually good :)

Iyaaaa! LC has been playing lots of Super Smash Bros. lately, which means Link has gotten thrown off of lots of tall buildings and such. If you can't make out the dialogue, it says, "C'mon, let's play again!" "Iyaaaa! [No!] I don't enjoy being dropped off tall objects and set on fire." "You can wear the fire tunic." (from Ocarina of Time) "It doesn't do anything!" This was probably influenced by that scene with Ferio in Magic Knight Rayearth. I am too lazy to ink things, because it means I have to pay attention to detail. - 39 KB
Link I give up. 3D-Link's hairstyle reminds me of Kojirou. Pen. - 17 KB
Link Is this still here? Here is a sketchy pencil version of a drawing of Link which has since been gone over in ink. I guess he's fighting something or something. You know, since I last drew him I noticed that older Ocarina Link does indeed have gloves. - 23 KB
Navi needs to get her priorities straight. I don't have anything against Navi (the fairy that accompanies Link in Ocarina of Time) but her not targeting the things I wanted her to target inspired a couple of pictures. Well, they are never getting past the stage of hastily inked line drawings because I don't know what any of the nasty critters look like in any detail. (And I don't remember all the details of the Hylian shield either, but I got them from the Majora's Mask instruction booklet anyway, and that isn't the same game...) Um, anyway, this is set on that really tall ledge toward the top of Death Mountain, the one you climb to get to the Great Fairy up there, the entrance to Death Mountain Crater, and the big sword-making Goron. The one I tend to accidentally fall off of. (Ooh, pain.) - 34 KB
Navi thinks in two dimensions, doesn't she? An annoying thing about bats aside from their sneaking up from behind and using up all your arrows is that they tend to attack from above, and Navi would really rather target something that has about the same vertical coordinate as Link. Oh, that darkish thing is a fire bat from the Fire Temple, which is where I was at the time. - 20 KB
Chickens... er, Cuccos It's not that this is a good picture, it's just that I think it's funny that Link gets attacked by chickens. I only discovered this by having Epona step on them. Then I decided to get off Epona and see what happened. This was a life-endangering decision. This is an old picture, so I'm not going to complain about the details right now. Pencil. - 11 KB