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Team Rocket

some pencil Meowth pictures

Musashi Musashi. I'm trying to improve my drawing of her. Her hair is hard. Ooh, alliterative. Pencil. - 17 KB
Kojirou, yet again Yet another drawing of Kojirou, in profile. It is inked, but I forgot to erase the pencil before scanning. - 17 KB
Kojirou in pencil Another random drawing of Kojirou, in pencil. After I scanned this I made a slight alteration, but it didn't look better enough to warrant scanning it again. It's just a little pencil drawing after all. - 16 KB
Another random drawing of Kojirou Oooh, this time he's looking up and to the right. Pencil. - 7 KB
Faiyaa-Kojirou! I drew this after I saw that episode in reruns and got the details a little closer to right. The writing and the highlight on the hair are pencil that didn't get erased. - 48 KB
James and a Pikachu Well, maybe it's not the Pikachu, but it looks like James has got hold of a Pikachu. It looks a little like Richie's Pikachu, but I think it's just a random Pikachu. Shall I say the word "Pikachu" a few more times? Anyway, he looks happy. - 38 KB
James and an Eevee James and an Eevee. This was the result of my fooling around with line thickness again. There is absolutely no context in this picture! Why is Eevee at face level? Is James holding it? Is someone else holding it there? If so, why? In any case, Eevee seems happy. Shadow on the left because the paper this is on is bound in a book. - 39 KB
Musashi winking Musashi, or Jessie, or whatever you want to call her. Her hair is hard to fit on one page. I got it sort of colored in PSP. Uhh, I want to do something more with her hair. Also, this JPEG is kinda messed up with the lines, you know? - 21 KB
Faiyaa-Kojirou! My second TR banner submission. This time I had a little more of a clue, but not enough time to color in PSP. I had only seen the Fire-Kojirô episode once and didn't get the details of that right. So, colored pencil + PSP for the background. Why do they not have seashells on the picture tube?!? These leaves are supposed to be "summer leaves." Whatever. Faiyaa-Kojirou, kakkoii! - 17 KB
TR spring banner Well, here is my first entry in a TRHQ message board banner contest. I didn't really have any idea what I was doing. Anyway, I hadn't figured out Butch and Cassidy very well, apparently. Also, Jessie looks weird. The theme was spring. Hence the butterfly and flowers. (You remember the Butterfree episode, right?) Also, Raticate is the Easter Raticate. PSP. Large version. - 54 KB
TR spring Arbok Arbok. I wonder if I still have .psp files of these, so I could take off the text labels. He's (it's...) got a flower, because of the spring theme. Same technical details as above. - 12 KB
TR spring Victreebel Victreebel. With cheesy image tube flowers. Whatever that tool is called. James has weird pokemon. - 11 KB
TR spring Meowth Meowth and an egg that looks like Togepi. - 14 KB
Kosaburou looks shocked Kosaburou, aka Butch. From my chemistry notes. Sorry for lined paper. - 76 KB
Garfield Really old, horrible picture! Garfield stands in for Meowth. I can't stress enough how awful the picture is, but I still like the idea. - 45 KB
Starfleet TR and Sonic Really old, horrible picture! It combines Star Trek, Team Rocket, and Sonic the Hedgehog in one picture. (Note that Sally's computer Nicole strongly resembles a tricorder.) Pen. - 34 KB