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Lemur-Cat's Sketchbook
Current projects.
Now, as awful as the rest of the stuff looks, these things are still in progress. They may actually be colored in the foreseeable future, and then the unfinished versions here will disappear!

Wolf This is a wolf. (Wofl.jpg? Is that like a wolf and a waffle? Typed that late at night I think.) - 24 KB
Musashi winking Musashi, or Jessie, or whatever you want to call her. Her hair is hard to fit on one page. I got it sort of colored in PSP. Uhh, I want to do something more with her hair. Also, this JPEG is kinda messed up with the lines, you know? Update! I noticed that I was a total idiot and colored her eyes the entirely wrong color! That is now remedied.- 21 KB
Link Is this still here? Here is a sketchy pencil version of a drawing of Link which has since been gone over in ink. I guess he's fighting something or something. You know, since I last drew him I noticed that older Ocarina Link does indeed have gloves. - 23 KB