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Sonic the Hedgehog


Birthday Sonic Sonic all decked out for someone's birthday. SA style. - 28 KB
Sonic on a computer I think Sonic's computer runs Windows. And look, the monitor has been melted or something--actually, don't look. Oh well, at least it's in color. - 30 KB
Sonic Trek Sonic Trek. Sonic looks horrified. Sally looks like she's colored wrong. - 75 KB
A purple fox A purple fox winking. - 64 KB
Kawaii Shadow Shadow not looking horribly menacing. - 57 KB
Green fox A green fox. - 61 KB
Blue fox A blue fox. - 38 KB
Wet Sonic Sonic doesn't like water. Really old picture, pencil. - 12 KB
Sally Old drawing of Sally. Probably influenced by the all-girl super special, which is one of the first comics I bought. Pencil. - 7 KB
Sonic is happy for some reason. Happy Sonic. Maybe he's happy because he's in color. Old picture, colored pencil. I think I was experimenting with line thickness. - 78 KB
Sonic is glaring for some reason. New picture. Glaring Sonic. Just trying to figure out color. Colored pencil. - 54 KB
Fox A fox. Kinda Sonic-style, but different on the ears. I think this one is quite okay except the hair might be weird and the line on the mouth is too thick because I screwed up and thickened the line to cover it. Oh well. - 37 KB