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Lemur-Cat's SketchbookSonic comics.
Sorry, none of them are colored, and most of them are just pencil. Also, most if not all of these were done before I really figured out how to draw Sonic & co. Oh well, they're here for the jokes. Sorry for the size but I write small and illegibly.

Sonic on Newton's 2nd Law Newton's 2nd Law. Inspired by a mistake I made while reviewing for a physics test in... 2000 I think. - 384 KB
Treasure hunting Sonic goes treasure-hunting. My dad got a metal detector, and that inspired this comic. I showed it to my parents, hence the explanatory note for people who don't know who (or what) Bunnie is. Note that it should be read left to right first, then up to down, so that it makes more sense. - 478 KB
Uh... Sonic/Team Rocket crossover. I guess Sonic and Sally are filling in for Team Rocket. Hehe. I could have done without the first panel, I guess, but oh well. This probably won't work unless you're both a Sonic fan and a TR fan. - 255 KB