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Lemur-Cat's Sketchbook
Really old stuff.
Black and white dog guy This is the first picture I did when I suddenly remembered in early high school that I liked drawing. It is a character called Dog Guy whom I invented in 7th grade Language Arts. I remember Dog Guy looking forward to riding the Star Wars ride at whatever theme park that's at. Pencil. - 37 KB
Commander Kitty "Why me?" XO_Kitty was prone to dying in ACTD training missions. This is another drawing from that initial batch I did. It also included a cat in a suit with a tie. - 47 KB
A lemur This was probably colored originally in MS Paint, with the background added later in PSP, and the blue outline due to the picture having been shrunk and blue getting into its outline from the background. This was before I figured out how to fiddle with contrast (which I probably originally did in PhotoSuite). That's why the lines are grey, the color of pencil. I did another picture like this, but this one is better. It's a lemur! I developed my own style of lemur, but I haven't drawn any full lemurs (i.e. non-feline ones) in a long time. - 65 KB
A kitten and a puppy Another picture with grey lines (see above). This time it's a kitten and a puppy. - 32 KB
Kitty Kitty looking a little dismayed. Maybe because someone's yelling at her for forgetting to wear her Starfleet uniform properly. It's awfully grey without the colored part, but the fur on the neck was too fun to draw to cover it up. This was colored in MS Paint (gack!) before I got PSP. - 17 KB
A cat and some dogs I think I drew this to express my social outcast-ness. It's a cat being socially isolated by some dogs. Colored in MS Paint as above. - 64 KB
Dog Guy in color I tried to do Dog Guy as a line drawing and color it, but his hair style just doesn't work this way. MS Paint. - 18 KB
A fox A fox colored in MS Paint. I was trying something or other, and it didn't work out. This was part of a larger picture. - 11 KB
Captain Kitty and her XO This is probably one of the very first pictures I did in PSP. I'm not sure. Well, I remember figuring out how to make soft edges using layers. Ah, whatever. It's Captain Kitty and her XO, a cow. I once made a half-hearted attempt to start a comic strip about Kitty and her starship crew, but it never produced more than a page of penciled strips. I did do a lot of idea drawings on the subject though. - 47 KB
Kitty's crew Speaking of which, here is a drawing of some of the potential crewpersons that might have served on Kitty's starship. The crazed dog was going to be tactical. PSP I think, but with no techniques or features... - 69 KB
Draupadi and Joy I think I did this in PhotoSuite or something before I got PSP. The coloring, I mean. The drawing was done in pen on lined paper. (Thankfully the lines were edited out.) The subject matter consists of two of T'Paula's cats, Draupadi and Joy. Joy was still a kitten at the time. - 46 KB
Orange cat Man, this is confusing. I think I must've done these ones with the little thin shading and highlight lines in PhotoSuite, because I didn't figure out how to do that in PSP until recently. This one is an orange cat. - 27 KB
XO cow Kitty's XO, the cow. Later I called him Leo and did an oil pastel of him in a non-Starfleet setting. - 39 KB
Mousey Cat A mousey-looking cat. - 49 KB
Sickeningly cute cat An early experiment with PSP that spawned into a series. I think this is the first picture I actually went over in ink before scanning and coloring. It's a purple cat. - 29 KB
Another sickeningly cute cat This one's pink, and it's running. - 48 KB
A sad cat This one's light blue, and it's sad. Also, it has a swirly color background. - 62 KB
A Starfleet cat This one has a Starfleet uniform and seems pretty thrilled with it. Also, he has a popcorn background, for no particular reason except to make the file bigger. - 89 KB
A tabby cat The final installment of the sickeningly cute cat series, this one is a green and blue tabby that looks kind of smug. - 61 KB
A deer in a robe A deer wearing a purple robe. Another early attempt at computer coloring in PSP. - 56 KB
An evil skunk Maybe I was going to use her as a character in a comic or something. This is an evil skunk. More "I just bought PSP 6!" stuff. - 61 KB
A Jedi cat More of the same. This one is a Jedi cat. - 57 KB
Happy Halloween picture Here is an old Halloween picture that is not actually a drawing. I just used some PSP effects on a picture of my cat, Bhakti, yawning and showing her teeth. - 26 KB