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Lemur-Cat's Sketchbook Miscellaneous Pokémon stuff.
Misc. old pics again.

Jolteon Old picture of Jolteon, pencil. - 9 KB
Fave Pokémon Some of my favorite pokemon, of the original 151. Ponyta, Jolteon, Vulpix, Eevee, and Meowth. Pencil. - 103 KB
Rebellious Pikachu Rebellious Pikachu. I don't want to make any social commentary, but I really, really hated high school. The IB program, ugh, it's evil. He has a leather jacket, earrings, and a scar symbolizing the psychological scars that the IB tends to give you. Pencil, but be glad it's not the lined paper version :) - 16 KB
Satoshi Cat Furry version of Satoshi; he's a cat. Cute. Done in ink. - 23 KB