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Furry Pokemon-related stuff

LC works on website This was the only thing accessible while the page was under construction. It is LC in her TR uniform working on the page, with an Eevee on her head and a Ryo-Ohki figurine on her monitor. It was drawn on a physics handout. - 38 KB
Neko wa dare? This is an awful drawing of LC (hair too crooked), but it seemed like a good idea at the time (so maybe I should redo it). Kojirou is in it also. Pencil. - 24 KB
C++ LC and TR are befuddled by a C++ textbook. I forget what about C++ made me so confused. But I wanted to get the idea down on paper because confusion is fun. Pencil. - 40 KB
Rocket LC Oooh!! Color! Color! It's not horribly good color 'cause I did this with no grey colored pencil. I used black and white to make grey. I would've liked a lighter grey. Pen + colored pencil. - 39 KB
TR LC Old picture of Rocket LC (pencil) - 31 KB
LC in color TR LC and her Jolteon, simply colored in PSP - 35 KB
Recent picture TR LC in pen, needs to be colored. July 2001. - 31 KB
Wai! It's Kojirou! And some other people. LC and TR, black and white. I like Kojirou and Nyaasu, but Musashi needs color because of her lipstick. Oh, and that thing that got cut off is a Growlithe LC is holding. - 23 KB
Satoshi Cat Furry version of Satoshi; he's a cat. Can't believe I drew Satoshi. Done in ink. - 23 KB