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Lemur-Cat's SketchbookMiscellaneous old drawings.
Well, most of them are at least from before summer 2001.

Ryo-Ohki, from my history notebook. Wait, she says "mya," not "nya."

Kosaburou looks shocked Kosaburou, aka Butch. From my chemistry notes. Sorry for lined paper. - 76 KB
Leo Leo the Lion says Ger. Chemistry mnemonic illustrated, TLK-influenced. (LEO = Lose Electrons Oxidation, GER = Gain Electrons Reduction.) Notice how close TLK lions' manes are to someone's hairstyle that we know? - 66 KB
The slimy rat!! Slimy Rat. Lined paper again, a James Joyce-inspired rat. There may also be some Ratta/Raticate influence here. Best thing that ever came out of senior-year high school English class. - 58 KB
Graduate Graduating LC variant. Well, her ears are awfully furry, and she has more hair than usual, and the eye-patches... I was going to color this in grayscale. - 44 KB
Fox A fox. Kinda Sonic-style, but different on the ears. I think this one is quite okay except the hair might be weird and the line on the mouth is too thick because I screwed up and thickened the line to cover it. Oh well. - 37 KB
O-tanjoubi omedetou "O-tanjoubi omedetou" cat. An orange cat with a birthday gift, which I drew rather hastily for a friend's birthday. (Holiday pics always turn out hasty.) - 28 KB