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Wait, Ryo-Ohki says 'mya,' not 'nya.'

Rocket Sasami 'Tis Sasami again, in a Rocket uniform. - 60 KB
Kenshin 'Tis Kenshin. (Pencil) - 22 KB
Sasami It's Sasami. (Pencil) - 32 KB
Happy Halloween picture Here is an old Halloween picture that is not actually a drawing. I just used some PSP effects on a picture of my cat, Bhakti, yawning and showing her teeth. - 26 KB
Kero-chan Kero-chan. - 42 KB
Description of image goes here. Hmm, this is one of many attempts to design a visual of my Star Trek ACTD character, T'Paula. Idunno. Pencil. - 36 KB