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Lemur-Cat's Sketchbook
More miscellaneous pictures.

Civil War cat From my Dad's civil war reenacting, here is a really old picture of a cat in a civil war reenacting uniform. Ah, it's even dated: November 1999. Pencil. - 23 KB
Ren and a cat Many years ago we used to watch Ren & Stimpy. Well, here is an old pencil drawing of Ren, and some cat who happened to be on the same page. - 34 KB
An angry bear An angry bear. Best thing on a sheet of paper I covered with various bears. Pencil. - 10 KB
Description of image goes here. Hmm, this is one of many attempts to design a visual of my Star Trek ACTD character, T'Paula. Idunno. Pencil. - 36 KB
Sad LC LC looking depressed. I think this was done toward the end of high school, which was the worst part. Pencil. - 14 KB