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Miscellaneous stuff.

This is all the postable stuff I found on my computer that I had missed or just not posted previously.

Birthday pic for Grandpa Here is an old picture I drew for my grandfather's birthday. It's a cat with a birthday cake, and a crazed/psychotic lemur. Colored pencil. - 14 KB
Sequel to previous pic Sequel to the above picture. Features the cat, the lemur, and Leo the Starfleet cow. PSP - 27 KB
X-mas lemur A Christmas lemur. He's got some holly. It's colored weird because red and green were already in use. Oil pastels. - 13 KB
Starfleet teddy bear Here is a Starfleet teddy bear, combining two of the interests of my good friend Nandini, who has the original. I really didn't do a good job with the the planet or the border... Oil pastels. - 23 KB
Identity Identity? This was a picture I did while trying to get something done for the "identity bricks" we made in 11th grade. I like the idea for that project, but I couldn't really do it. I eventually did a collage just like everyone else. It had a lot of Tails in it. In the 11th grade, I had not been drawing humanoids much, so the Starfleet critters here look totally awful. But Tails is a Jedi, and that's the reason I'm actually posting this. I think it's just pencil. - 15 KB
Golf cat This was a thank-you card of sorts, but not really a card so much as a drawing. Um, something like that. It is a cat. He has a golf club. His right sleeve was a last minute emergency sleeve-evening measure for the sake of symmetry. PSP - 37 KB
TR spring banner Well, here is my entry in a TRHQ message board banner contest. I didn't really have any idea what I was doing, so I guess I'm lucky that I actually did get a few votes. Anyway, I hadn't figured out Butch and Cassidy very well, apparently. Also, Jessie looks weird. The theme was spring. Hence the butterfly and flowers. Also, Raticate is the Easter Raticate. PSP. Large version. - 54 KB
TR spring Arbok Arbok. I wonder if I still have .psp files of these, so I could take off the text labels. He's (uhh... it's) got a flower, because of the spring theme. Same technical details as above. - 12 KB
TR spring Victreebel Victreebel. With cheesy image tube flowers. Whatever that tool is called. I wish James had a non-weird pokemon. Like an Eevee. - 11 KB
TR spring Meowth Meowth and an egg that looks like Togepi. If you don't see any connection between Meowth and Togepi, you need to watch the episode where it hatched. - 14 KB
Birthday dog This is the dog I drew for Nathan's birthday. Remember that? The plate is messed up because they are such regular objects. Pen. - 8 KB
Faiyaa-Kojirou! My next TR banner submission. This time I had a little more of a clue, but not enough time to color in PSP. Also, the buttons (Topic, Reply, Mods) were pathetic. Also, the theme was summer, and this isn't really directly related to summer except through the sunglasses. Anyway, I still got a couple of votes, so I don't feel like a total loser. The summer thing is also where that drawing of Meowth on a beach ball came from. Oh, also, I had only seen the Fire-Kojirô episode once and didn't get the details of that right. (After I saw it in reruns I drew that "Actually..." picture.) So, colored pencil + PSP for the background. Why do they not have seashells on the picture tube?!? These leaves are supposed to be "summer leaves." Whatever. Faiyaa-Kojirou, kakkoii! - 17 KB
Chickens... er, Cuccos It's not that this is a good picture, it's just that I think it's funny that Link gets attacked by chickens. I only discovered this by having Epona step on them. Then I decided to get off Epona and see what happened. This was a life-endangering decision. LOL. This is an old picture, so I'm not going to complain about the details right now. Pencil. - 11 KB