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Lemur-Cat's Sketchbook
Some various Meowth/Nyaasu pictures of various ages. Often I take after the manga version of Meowth because he's so much cuter. These are all just pencil. Sorry.

Angry Meowth
Angry Meowth.

Nyaasu Nyaasu with his paws on a wall or something. - 15 KB
Meowth Meowth being quadrupedal with one paw raised, maybe kind of taken aback or something. - 44 KB
Distressed Nyaasu Nyaasu trying to balance on a beachball floating in water (presumably the ocean). I was trying to do something summery. - 16 KB
Starfleet Meowth Starfleet Meowth, looking more anime this time. - 29 KB