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New line drawings of Kojirou and Link.

Faiyaa-Kojirou! Uhh, if you don't remember this episode I'm not explaining it! I drew this after I saw it in reruns and got the details a little closer to right. The writing ("Actually, I'm cooler than Link." Link is on the previous page of the sketchbook [the physical sketchbook, not this website]. It was an afterthought because he looked like he was explaining/correcting something.) and the highlight on the hair are pencil that didn't get erased. - 48 KB
James and a Pikachu Well, maybe it's not the Pikachu, but it looks like James has got hold of a Pikachu. It looks a little like Richie's Pikachu, but I think it's just a random Pikachu. Shall I say the word "Pikachu" a few more times? Anyway, he looks happy. - 38 KB
James and an Eevee James and an Eevee. This was the result of my fooling around with line thickness again. There is absolutely no context in this picture! Why is Eevee at face level? Is James holding it? Is someone else holding it there? Why? In any case, Eevee seems happy. Shadow on the left because the paper this is on is bound in a book. - 39 KB
Navi needs to get her priorities straight. I don't have anything against Navi (the fairy that accompanies Link in Ocarina of Time) but her not targeting the things I wanted her to target inspired a couple of pictures. Well, they are never getting past the stage of hastily inked line drawings because I don't know what any of the nasty critters look like in any detail. (And I don't remember all the details of the Hylian shield either, but I got them from the Majora's Mask instruction booklet anyway, and I think they changed between games.) Um, anyway, this is set on that really tall ledge toward the top of Death Mountain, the one you climb to get to the Great Fairy up there, the entrance to Death Mountain Crater, and the big sword-making Goron. The one I tend to accidentally fall off of. - 34 KB
Navi thinks in two dimensions, doesn't she? An annoying thing about bats aside from their sneaking up from behind and using up all your arrows is that they tend to attack from above, and Navi would really rather target something that has about the same vertical coordinate as Link. Oh, that darkish thing is a fire bat from the Fire Temple, which is where I currently am. I just got the fancy key, so next time I turn on the N64 I probably have to fight that dragon. - 20 KB