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Lemur-Cat's Sketchbook
Edited screenshots.
I added some dialogue to a few screenshots. Well, at least I learned to make nice neat ovals and things.

Stupid fence! Oh, wait.
Sonic on the Emerald Coast boardwalk.

This car is too small!
Knuckles in a Sonic Adventure screenshot that was misleading about the relative size of cars. Hehe, I didn't figure out he was actually gliding until I got the game.

Sonic and Tails
Sonic and Tails in the Lost World. Don't you hate when that happens?

SatAM film cel
This is a film cel... sorry for stealing the image but I don't remember where it came from.

Can we go somewhere warmer?
Lessee, I think this is from "Snow Way Out!" The color people usually make mistakes with Team Rocket's gloves...