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Sickeningly Cute Cats

These are very old. I think my coloring has deteriorated over time though.

Sickeningly cute cat An early experiment with PSP that spawned into a series. I think this is the first picture I actually went over in ink before scanning and coloring. It's a purple cat. - 29 KB
Another sickeningly cute cat This one's pink, and it's running. - 48 KB
A sad cat This one's light blue, and it's sad. Also, it has a swirly color background. - 62 KB
A Starfleet cat This one has a Starfleet uniform and seems pretty thrilled with it. Also, he has a popcorn background, for no particular reason except to make the file bigger. - 89 KB
A tabby cat The final installment of the sickeningly cute cat series, this one is a green and blue tabby that looks kind of smug. - 61 KB