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Lemur-Cat's Sketchbook

Well, for now I decided to give up on having a real webpage, so I'm just going to have a page to put all my junk on. Maybe later I will get some nice stuff, but for now it's just my scribblings (mostly not colored, too). I make no pretense of being able to draw (well, not too much pretense), but I can't seem to quit trying it. So, if you want good art, check out my links page. Or whatever, so long as you don't look here. Also, please sign the guest book.

This was drawn by Cyber the Hare!
The Cyber!
I'm not worthy!


July 2002
This site is no longer my primary website. New website is Things And Stuff.

November 2, 2001
What, it's still November 2? Hey, it is!

[[[[[[[HERE]]]]]]] is a Lemur-Cat picture I don't feel like filing away under a section just now. Look, it has, like, lines and stuff.

Here is a silly picture: Himura Kenshin vs. an ATM machine. Did they have ATM's in the Meiji era? Uh, no. (This is from C++ class.)

Later on I will have some kind of graphics here instead of just boring text to label the sections.




stuff (updated 9-27)


furry (updated 10-12)

other stuff (updated 10-12)

Edited screenshots
Mostly Sonic but one is TR.

Other Stuff:

An old geometry project involving the Beatles

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A Ring-Tailed Lemur!
Ring-tailed lemur!

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Oh, and sorry for the popup ads, but if that's the worst mental anguish you get put through, well, I guess you are immune to bad drawing. (Try minimizing them if you're using Windows.)

If you want to give feedback or give me hints on how to write kana properly, please write Thanks.

If you want to see some boring cat photos, check out my other website. It also has gerbils.

Shiroi ashita ga matteru ze!